Aller media AB – USD solution for more efficient customer service

Aller media AB is one of the largest publishing companies in Sweden. Their more than 30 publications reaches 2.8 million magazine readers every month.

Three years ago they had just changed their subscription system that caused a lot of difficulties. Those issues were affecting their customer service and it showed how important the communication and relationship with the customers really is. They needed to find a solution, one easy working system which would be able to retrieve all data and ultimately give them a 360-degree view of all interactions between the customer and Aller media.

”In our daily work we used multiple systems, for example a telephone system, email system and invoice system. We had many accounts and passwords that needed to be changed often. Systems also closed due to inactivity and we had to log in multiple times a day. It was very time consuming and difficult”, tells Customer Support Agent Sophie Fransson.

Development journey to the best customer service in Sweden

They started a development journey, and that journey included a goal to have the best customer service in Sweden. After defining the needs of the project, they started to look out who could provide them with a system that they needed.

“In 2016 we already had co-operation with Fenix Solutions who was the provider of our CRM and marketing automation. Hence it was quite easy to ask Fenix if they could develop the Unified Service Desk with us since it would be the optional solution”, says Customer Service Manager Fredrik Löfgren.

After setting up a project group with both participants from Aller media and Fenix, we started to develop the system together. We delivered small parts of the system at a time so Aller media could test it out and give feedback along the way.

“We developed a custom USD control to be able to handle different actions in the system and to get fast response of the customer that is calling to the customer service. USD framework enabled us to combine all backing systems towards single user interface. This means that the customer errands can be processed a lot faster than before”, says Fenix Solutions Development Manager Mika Suonvieri.

Now with the USD solution, everything is in one place. They have one account to log in where they find all their systems. When the customer calls in, USD identifies the customer directly from the telephone number. If the customer’s telephone number is registered in their subscription system, all the customer data appears to the desk automatically. When calling in the customer chooses which kind of assistance they need, and the USD opens the tab automatically depending on what the customer has chosen. Now with the USD solution they don’t need to use the time to search for the customer data, they can use it to their customers. The USD solution has given them more time to spend with the customer, give better service and use the time for additional sales.

“Today when I look back, I’m very satisfied what we have done”, says Fredrik Löfgren. “We actually won the “Best Customer Service in Sweden” -prize which we are very proud of. Fenix Solutions is a very important partner for us, for me and for the whole company. We are looking forward to have future co-operation together and continue to develop the Unified Service Desk solution with you.”

Here you can read about Aller media winning the prize of GuldKontakt: