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Kompleksinen tarjousprosessi CPQ

A tailored and complex offering can often mean that giving a quote can be tedious. Ensuring that components of a service or product fit might consume a lot of time. Why not use that time for something more productive?

When the sales team has up-to-date information about the service offering, its parts and prices combined with customer data, you are in a good position to negotiate while being able to give targeted and precise quotes. This can help you close deals with precision, speed, and proper margins.

What if your CRM could effortlessly and quickly translate your complex service or product offering into a quote with the right components and prices?

~105 % bigger average sales*
~17% bigger lead conversion*
~49% more offers*
~26% shorter sales cycle*
~ 7% less needed contacts / sales*

*An average sale made utilizing CPQ was approx. 105% bigger and 28% faster than normal. They also required 7% less contacts and leads were converted 17% more likely. Further, utilizing CPQ helped companies make 49% more offers than normal. (Aberdeen Group 2013)

What is CPQ?

CPQ is short for Configure-Price-Quote. Fenix CPQ is an effective solution that helps you compile, offer and sell complicated and customizable service or product entities.

Fenix CPQ is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that includes quoting and ordering tools. These tools help you Configure, Price and Quote your various products, services or projects – quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

CPQ + CRM = benefits:

What benefits could CPQ bring to  your company?

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