Fenix’s BI and Analytics Solutions

Where data intersects with CRM

The benefits of extensive market data and advanced analytics no longer require a multi-year project. There is more data available than ever before, and with the right tools it can be turned into fast and efficient business development solutions.


Successful use of extensive data and advanced analytics results in a clear competitive edge. Why rely on assumptions if you have access to refined information?

The mission of Fenix’s BI and Analytics Team is to provide our clients with solutions where data intersects with business benefits. Our solutions, which draw upon internal and external data sources, can be used to control processes and support decision-making.

Gartner studies suggest that companies that make efficient use of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions are more productive and competitive than their competitors. www.gartner.com


Would you like your CRM system to target companies in a particular sector or size category in which a key player, in terms of your business, has been replaced or which has been awarded R&D funding in recent months?

Or, would you like to know the statistical effect of regional demographics on the purchase decisions of your consumer customers and make use of that information in your next marketing campaign? We can help you!

With the digitalisation of business, companies are currently producing huge amounts of data. In addition to the company’s internal data, staggering amounts of data are available for your business needs. Fenix has done the work for you and put together a company database for the whole of Finland, including basic data and essential classifications for companies as well as regional demographics that can also be used for consumer purposes. We wanted more, so we continued to expand and enrich our data store by mining freely available open data.

By using standardised methods to combine your own data sources with Fenix’s extensive data store, you can launch a project at a stage which would normally have taken months, many suppliers, conflicting views and unforeseeable costs to reach.


By combining your sales data with Fenix’s data, our standard solution will provide you with a thorough analysis of your customers and the market in which you operate.

What are the customers like that are most profitable to you, and how many similar companies or consumers does the market hold that are not yet your customers? Do your sales come from clear product segments? Mere observations are of course not enough to bring results – you need to work on the data that is imported to your sales and marketing systems.

You can use the Fenix own “Oppo Search Engine” to search the entire data store of Fenix directly from your CRM interface and bring sales opportunities mined online to your sales system for further processing.


In our BI and Analytics solutions, we draw upon the latest technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI, the SQL Server 2016 platform, the Azure Machine Learning service and the R programming language.

Our solution is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, providing a solution which turns the results of analytics into extra sales and added income.

We tackle the data, solutions and technology so that you can focus on productive work.

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