Fenix Solutions Oy, Marketing and Customer Register Privacy Statement

1. Controller
Fenix Solutions Oy
Business ID: 2273220-2
Lemminkäisenkatu 59
02600 TURKU

2. Contact for matters relating to the Register
+358 (0)2 8800 180

3. Register name and data subjects
Fenix Solutions Oy marketing and customer register.
The register handles the personal data of Fenix Solutions Oy’s (Fenix) customers, potential customers, and representatives of companies that have contacted Fenix.

4. Purpose of the register
The information processed in the register is used to nurture customer relationships and potential customer relationships, customer and information communications, and to improve the user experience of fenixsolutions.fi and oppokone.fi websites. In addition, data can be used for communication and marketing purposes.

The basis for processing is the need for implementation of the contract for our customers (Article 6 (1) (b)) and the legitimate interest in marketing communications (Article 6 (1) (f)) and/or consent (Article 6 (1) (a)).

5. Data content of the register
Fenix collects information about name, phone, email, address, and other tasks and customer/potential customer relationships. Cookies and website monitoring are used to collect information about visitors, which is used to design communications and the best serving content.
The following information can be stored for a data subject:
• Person’s name, email address and title / status and job information
• Company name, contact information and industry, company information
• In addition, any other information that has been asked directly from the data subject to be registered or already registered.
• Customer relations management, care and contact information (e.g. purchase history, orders, ticketing information, feedback and other communications and information related to purchases, communications and customer service.
• Potentially self-reported profiling information from the customer or publicly available profiling information.
• E-mail and online behavior information on Fenix’s various websites and services
• Marketing, communications, promotional and customer relationship information, such as marketing activities and participation (e.g. competitions, customer satisfaction surveys, events, webinars)
• Technical data and cookies sent to a registered browser and related information

6. Register information sources
Collecting information is based on customer relationship or other connection with Fenix.
Fenix collects information about inquiries and surveys, as well as in connection with bidding processes and contracts. Registered data could also be obtained from an employer company or other activity associated with the data subject that has asked Fenix to contact the data subject.

Fenix’s website uses cookies and website monitoring. ClickDimensions collects a variety of technical information about your visit, for example IP address information. This can be disabled and with the help of cookies the browser will remember your choice for the next half year. Additionally, Google Analytics tracking is used for IP address anonymization.

Personal data related to the role / position may also be obtained for non-recurring and job-related marketing purposes from external registers and public sources.

7. Transfer of data
Information will not be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. In matters relating to the customer relationship, name and contact information related to the job description may have to be handed over to deal with the customer relationship (e.g. software licenses).

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
If necessary, Fenix may use service providers who may have access to personal data outside the EU / EEA, such as the USA, for the processing of registered personal data. Fenix is responsible for the proper and lawful implementation of transfers in accordance with the legislation on the processing of personal data.

If Fenix transfers personal data outside the EU / EEA territory, it will only be done on a legal basis:
• The European Commission has decided that an adequate level of data protection has been ensured in the recipient country concerned
• Fenix has implemented the appropriate safeguards for the transfer of registered personal data using standard terms of privacy approved by the European Commission. The data subject is hereby granted the right to receive a copy of these standard clauses by contacting Fenix or
• the data subject has given explicit consent to the transfer of personal data, or
• there is another legitimate criterion for the transfer of registered personal data outside the EU / EEA, such as the United States Privacy Shield approved by the European Commission.
9. Register protection and retention of personal data
Fenix respects the confidentiality of registered personal data. The register is in a secure database protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means, and access is restricted to those authorized by Fenix. Each user has their own username and password for the customer information system they use. The obligation of confidentiality binds all persons handling data.

Obsolete and unnecessary data will be properly disposed of. Personal data will only be retained as long as it is necessary for the purpose of processing personal data as defined in this Privacy Statement. Due to the obligations of the Accounting Act or other applicable law, information may have to be kept longer than the above-mentioned period.

10. Rights of the data subject
The data subject has the right at any time to object to the processing of personal data relating to him in the marketing messaging emails sent by Fenix. There is a link where you can block direct mail submissions.

The data subject has the right, at any time, in accordance with applicable data protection law:
• to get information about personal data processing
• to have access to own personal information and check the personal data processed by Fenix
• to demand correction and data refinement of inaccurate and incorrect personal data
• to demand the removal of personal data from the register
• to revoke consent and object to the processing of personal data insofar as the processing of personal data is based on consent
• to object to the processing of personal data on the basis of special personal circumstances, insofar as there is legitimate interest for the processing of personal data
• to obtain personal data in a formatted form and to transfer that information to another controller provided that the data subject has personally provided the personal data to Fenix, such personal data is processed on the basis of the agreement or the consent of the data subject and the processing is carried out automatically
• to require the processing of personal data to be restricted.

Fenix has the right to request the data subject to specify the request and verify the identity of the requestor before processing the request. We may refuse to execute the data subject’s request on the basis of the applicable law.

The data subject also has the right to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority or the supervisory authority of the EU Member State in which the data subject is a resident or the workplace is located if the data subject considers that Fenix has not processed the personal data of the data subject according to applicable data protection legislation.

The data subject must send requests for data subject rights in writing or by e-mail to:

Fenix Solutions Oy/
Tietosuojalain mukainen pyyntö
Lemminkäisenkatu 59, 02600 TURKU

Fenix Solutions Oy will respond as soon as possible, but at latest within a month, to requests, unless it is necessary to extend the answering time for special reasons.

11. Changing the Privacy Statement
Fenix Solutions Oy is constantly striving to develop its services and reserves the right to change this privacy statement by reporting it on this page.

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